Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What to Wear Wednesday- Leah Simmers Edition | Columbus Family Photographer

A little over a year ago I had the privilege of attending the Secret Workshop held by the lovely Cheryl Muhr in Phoenix, AZ. I met so many amazing photographers there, including the one and only Leah Simmers.

Even photographers can get stumped when it comes to dressing their own families, so I of course offered to help Leah out when she mentioned she had no idea what to dress her fam in for their upcoming session. I mean, who wouldn't want to pick clothes for her 3 adorable boys?

Leah, I hope you love these- I think the outfits are perfect for your fabulously fun family!

Leah's outfit and shoes, the boys' outfits, and the jeans for her husband are all from Boden USA. The other shoes are all found at Piperlime and her husband's shirt is from Gap.


Chelsey said...


Leah Simmers said...

You rock! I love it all so much! It's funny, I can dress another family but my own, ugh, stumped. THanks so much you're the best!